If you’re annoyed by teenagers blogging about their little teenage problems, please, feel free to leave.

I’m a high school junior living in a world that grows bigger with every day I uncover. All my life I’ve been a kid. From birth to even now. But with 17 I’ve been initiated into this new place, thrust-ed blindly into this survival of the fittest competition centered around college, SAT’s, planning for the future, all while I’m still growing and trying to find myself. Life is moving so fast, and when it seems like I’m starting to catch up, a realize just how behind I am. Yes, I’m confused, lost, and admittedly a bit scared. I spend a good portion of each day worrying about what I want to do for the rest of my life. Puberty is hard. So here I am, hormones a-jumbled, writing down what I can; I hope this will help me in some way.

Name : Kathryn-kay
Lives in: South Florida
Heritage: Jamaican as far as we can go back, all though somewhere along the line an ancestor was likely taken as a slave from Africa
Height: 5′ 10″
High School Status: Nerd
Loves: Creating things from nothing, and Italian food
Hates: Ignorance
Wants: To learn about art, history, culture, science.
Dreams: Of being successful, happy, and of traveling
Obsessions: Cats, carbs
Random fact: I used to be afraid of giraffes, I don’t know why, silly isn’t it? But about 1 year ago I went to Lion Country Safari and fed greens to giraffes, turns out they’re really sweet and are just like big, long-necked cats.
Plans for Lost Giraffe: Outlet for my thoughts, and awesome crafty projects.
Who’s in this picture to the left?: My giraffe named Toulouse (I’m so serious), named after the orange kitten in the movie Aristocats


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