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It’s always fun to find that the one thing you’ve been looking forward to is a disappointment.

10 Jan

Like today I had a catastrophy of a day. The only thing that got me through the day with a full head of hair was the thought that when I get home I could continue to work on my brand new giraffe of a blog. I get home all giddy with techo-joy and of course the universe would decide to poke fun at me by cutting off the internet. Now here I type next to my at the moment useless laptop on my 2 inch screen of a 2g iphone. Yes people, iPhone 2g’s still exist, and I have one, I like to refer to myself as an iPhone veteran.

. This
This is beside the point.

I have been coming up with topic ideas as easily as the government spends money (did I say that?). Heh heh Watch out world Kathryn’s blogging again, and this time she’s keeping up with it… As soon as her dad pays the internet bill.