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What do I know?

9 Jan

My parents were having a conversation with some other adults one day. I don’t remember what they were talking about, but I remember hearing something that sparked my interest. When I voiced my opinion on the matter my mom responded with something along the lines of (Jamaican accent) “You a pickeney, a weh you know?”. Translation, “You’re just a kid, what do you know”. Well, at the time my face turned red (figuratively, I’m black that doesn’t actually happen) and I had all kinds of comebacks. But when I really think about it, she’s mostly right. Most of us have met those annoying little 11 year-olds that think they’re wiser than Gandhi so whenever you say anything to them they respond “I know”. Yea, no you don’t.

Well clearly at 17 a person is capable of understanding enough. But if I were to double my age I wouldn’t even be middle aged, if I quadrupled it, I still wouldn’t even be eligible for full social security benefits. This revelation gives me hope. High school comes with a lot of stress; whether adults want to admit it or not, we really are under a lot of pressure, not just “peer pressure”, but pressure from our parents, grandparents, schools, teachers and endless other possible pressure emitters. It seems like all these demands are a never-ending deal. So I’m hoping that when I get older and get out of this place, I’ll be free of these petty problems that make up my life right now. I know that there will lots of other adversities in my future, but whatever it is I learn in my adulthood that will revoke comments like “You’re just a kid, what do you know”, I’m presuming will be a coping mechanism and will help me keep little pressures from taking over my life.

So yes mother, I am just a kid, wanna help me grow up?