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Pink Hat

14 Jan

I’m going to see Linkin Park in concert next Thursday so I had this plan to make a pink fedora with their LP logo on it.. But the one I made was a bit too big to wear to the concert so I might end up buying one then putting the logo on. But anyway It took about four hours but I made the hat out of cardboard and wire.

I always have a hard time throwing out old cardboard boxes, I guess this is why.. I cut the panels off of the top and bottom of the box and was left with the middle. I then cut that in half and stapled each side together to form a circle.

Wire hangers came in handy here, I took one, unraveled it, and twined it into a big circle to make the brim.

My plan seemed to be coming together.

After that I covered the cardboard in pink fabric. Then I took several fabric strips and folded them around the circular wire.

I then sewed the edges of the fabric from the wire onto the inside of the base of the hat.

I got a another piece of fabric and sewed it onto the inside of the hat to be the top. And Viola! my pink hat.

I bit patchy but I did pretty decent considering I made this from a box and a coat hanger. Here I am, beating the economy at it’s own game.