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Making the World a More Distracted Place

15 Jan

Technology today is celebrated to a point where it is glorified. Everyone’s gotta get the latest iPhone, or Android, iPad?? I’m down. Most everyone knows and loves the cell phone, the internet, and social networking websites. Together these modern day technologies are credited with “making the world a smaller place”. It is true that technology connects people in faster and easier ways than ever possible before but technology has taken over our lives and has really made us more distant from one another. People are spending more time texting rather than having face to face conversations and some people have grown so comfortable with the ability to hide behind their technology, they often grow a personality that’s different from their actual selves.

People with cell phones, particularly younger people, have become known for a new obsession with texting. Everyone knows at least a few kids that exchange hundreds of text messages a day. The idea of texting itself is a good one, they help a person to quickly make plans and communicate ideas that can’t be said aloud, but text conversations have in many situations replaced a traditional face to face conversation. Courtship, for example, a process that would often take a boy weeks to get close to a girl has been simplified by technology to a mere “What’s you’re number?” or a facebook instant message. Then from there, a text relationship can form where each individual spends an unhealthy amount of text messages tangoing in banter of low quality where neither person has to look the other in the eye, therefore making it easier for each person to brave to say something a bit more daring and a bit more foreword than they could ever say in person. Thus even with the luxury of texting, text-ers may form an alter text-ego so that at this point even with hundreds of text messages being exchanged, neither person is actually getting to know the other person. Quite the paradox isn’t it?

Isn’t it a scary moment when you’re out and you lose your cell phone for a minute? It’s like a near death experience, even after you realize your phone was in your hand the whole time, your heart is still beating faster than normal. Daily person-to-person interaction is being disrupted by technology as well. Most of us in the technology world can relate to a situation where while engaged in a conversation, we mindlessly glance at our cell phones as if expecting it to get up at any minute and run away. If not, then you’ve surely been on the other more irritating end of the spectrum where you are enthusing to someone else about a topic and find that the other person prefers to “listen” to their text messages or twitter updates than to listen to you. So even regular conversations lose value as people’s minds constantly wonder off to their technology, leaving behind half-hearted, less intimate social interactions. We even find ourselves distracted by technology when it’s least appropriate. Isn’t it absolutely absurd that people would text and drive at the same time, I mean each task takes so much attention. It’s become such a problem that some states have to ban it. Ridiculous as it is, I’ve still caught myself attempting it. What’s wrong with us?MatadorI’ve included this picture of my life. It really is my life, take a look at my pic on the sidebar. Who needs family, if I ever have a problem, surely, there’s an app for that.